Monday, 21 November 2011

Beautiful Collar Scarves!

My latest creation!

These gorgeous Collar Scarves combine beauty, innovation and style. Not only are they easy to wear, they allow you to dress with a real sense of self-expression!

Made from thermal fleece, these winter warmers ensure you stay cosy whilst still looking fabulous!

Each Collar Scarf is lovingly handmade in England by L'AppassionArta Designs for you to wear and treasure forever.

Priced from £15-£25 these little gems make perfect Christmas gifts and stocking fillers. Please email me to place orders.

Here are a few of my new designs including Gents and Children Collar Scarves.
The perfect gift this Christmas.


  1. Beautiful scarves... and very well done the whole blog site. you really are talented.
    Looking forward to your summer creation too. x

  2. Thank you for your lovely comment Erika! I'll keep you posted xxx

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