Monday, 30 July 2012

A passion for art

~ A Passion for Art ~

L'AppassionArta~ A passion for art. Transforming dreams into reality.

The name L'AppassionArta was inspired by the Italian word Appassionata meaning "passionate".

"Love. Fall in love and stay in love. Create only what you love, and love what you create. That is the key to success"

L'AppassionArta provides photographic and artistic services for companies and private clients. 

L'AppassionArta Cavalcade collection.
Etched mirror- galloping horses etched onto the mirror.
Canvas-consists of fabric, stitching and paint.
Lamp- etched horses on the shade.
Bust-Ceramic hand sculpted.

Leonardo da vinci inspired study

 Personalized decal- hand drawn design made into a bespoke trailer decal along with horses show names.

 Thelwell style commission

 Personalized suitcase commission- Horse design hand painted onto a travel case.

Wall hanging- Photo printed onto material and stitched into.

 Sculpted by hand using clay.

Capture each moment and cherish it for a life time

~Capture each moment and cherish it for a life time ~

Professional portrait sessions available either in your own relaxed home environment or on location. Please contact me for more details.

Letting the space speak for itself

Interior photography

~ Letting the space speak for itself ~

Furnishings make an empty space come alive. 
They give it personality, a character, a presence.

My interior photographs aim to capture this, so each and every one can be appreciated for its own individual beauty.

Engage your customers ~ 

Engage business with L'AppassionArta Photography.

email: for more info.

Hydro Paws official launch!

Hydro Paws official launch!

L'AppassionArta was the official photographer for the launch of Hydro Paws. 

Hartpury College based in Gloucester is an outstanding provider of equine care, animal science, agricultural and land management courses. 
“The college was graded as ‘outstanding’ across all five cross-college areas by the Ofsted Inspectors”.

They recently opened a NEW canine hydrotherapy unit and L'AppassionArta was asked to be the official photographer and logo designer.

Hydro Paws logo designed and created by L'AppassionArta

Hydro Paws logo designed and created by L'AppassionArta