Monday, 30 July 2012

A passion for art

~ A Passion for Art ~

L'AppassionArta~ A passion for art. Transforming dreams into reality.

The name L'AppassionArta was inspired by the Italian word Appassionata meaning "passionate".

"Love. Fall in love and stay in love. Create only what you love, and love what you create. That is the key to success"

L'AppassionArta provides photographic and artistic services for companies and private clients. 

L'AppassionArta Cavalcade collection.
Etched mirror- galloping horses etched onto the mirror.
Canvas-consists of fabric, stitching and paint.
Lamp- etched horses on the shade.
Bust-Ceramic hand sculpted.

Leonardo da vinci inspired study

 Personalized decal- hand drawn design made into a bespoke trailer decal along with horses show names.

 Thelwell style commission

 Personalized suitcase commission- Horse design hand painted onto a travel case.

Wall hanging- Photo printed onto material and stitched into.

 Sculpted by hand using clay.

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